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Our creative design team has the ability to work hands on to identify your winning products and develop Ad creatives. We produce media with, carousels, graphic design, product photography and video editing.


If you're running Ads, we will analyze your data, optimize and keep testing new methods. If these are your first campaigns we will develop Ad sets, test variables and use Pixel data to optimize your audiences.


We monitor all traffic through the Facebook Ads Manager and Pixel, developing strategies around user behavior. We create advanced re-targeting strategies for you and test them until we've determined a winner.


Our reporting methods will measure the efforts of your Ad campaigns. You will be able to receive a Facebook Ads Report from our team and also have access to our Ads team in order to check in on our strategies.

Frequently asked questions

Great question.

You can find success online. The world has changed lately, and some business owners don’t know how to unlock the power of Facebook Ads. With the economic circumstances, we’ve also noticed a drastic reduction in Facebook Ad Spend due to a lack of competition bidding for the available traffic. We want to make the barrier for entry low because we know how Facebook Ads can change a businesses entire sales structure for good. We’re confident that you will stick with our service for the long run. Here is the basic structure for this promotion:

  • The first 14 days of our Facebook Ads Management service is FREE
  • Only certain businesses will qualify for this offer to work with us
  • You still have to pay for your Ad Spend, and we require a min. budget of $500 / month
  • You commit to a 4 month contract in order for our campaigns to be successful
  • You get a bunch of awesome stuff from us, all of that is listed in the section above
  • After 6 months, it’s a month-to-month arrangement, and you can cancel if you want

At Social Gravity, we take care of everything. We will start with a strategic marketing deep-dive, suggest improvements to your website, develop Ad creatives for winning products, develop and improve targeted audiences, re-target interested audience members and track your ROAS. This is our Facebook Ads Management service in a nutshell and we are giving you 14 days free, because we want to help you thrive.

After the trial period, we apply our minimum retainer value of $1,299 CAD per month (+HST for Canadian businesses). We require a 4 month commitment in order to qualify for this promotion, and then the contract converts to a month-to-month agreement. There are different tiers to this package which can be discussed in our qualification call.

Once your business has signed up and is approved, our team will begin working immediately. Once access is granted from your side, and all information requested has been gathered your Ads will be ready for approval within 3-5 business days. 

In order to qualify for our 14 Day Free Trial promotion on Facebook Ads management you will need to first have a qualification call with one of our team members.  There are commitments involved in this promotion and they are as followed:

  • 4 Month Campaign Commitment of Management Services (worth $1,299 CAD /mo)
  • Minimum $500 Ad Spend allocated towards your Ad Campaigns (CAD)
  • You pay for the Ad Spend
  • Your business makes a minimum $20,000 in monthly revenue
  • Your product/service meets the standards of our Ads Team and we believe we can help you
  • You must be a new client of Social Gravity

To get started you will need to enter your details and request your qualification call with one of our team members. After your request is received we will be reaching out to you personally over a phone call or zoom call. Our team will ask you questions about your business in order to understand if you are a good fit to work with Social Gravity or if there was a better way to utilize our relationship.


Social Gravity was able to make us more money... Once COVID hit, we had to switch to doing our sales online... We just sort of hit "boost" on Facebook and you think "oh, that will just boost it, just make sure that they live... there." There was no thought put into it. Social Gravity allowed us to focus on what we wanted to focus on, and they were putting our brand in front of the right people which converted into sales very quickly for us. We saw a 10x return on our Ad Spend, which made it make total sense to have the Social Gravity fee added into our budget. If you're the type of business that hasn't yet entered into going online, I'd highly suggest going with Social Gravity because they make it easy and you don't have to know what you're doing online.
I'd just like to say Thank You to Social Gravity who has brought our business to another level in advertising, social media, and in many other ways. We have now expanded with Social Gravity moving into 2020 and we've seen our business increase, with their well rounded digital assistance. I'd like to recommend Social Gravity for the help they've given us here at Silverstein's Produce, especially in the area of Digital Marketing.
Tony Sorge, Silverstein's Produce - Owner
Windsor, ON
I worked with the Social Gravity team to set up ads on Instagram and Facebook. Jeremy and Vic were great to work with - Very attentive to detail and receptive to feedback. They helped me test out various iterations of ads / copy to find one that consistently drove traffic to my landing page and converted into leads. I would certainly recommend them for your digital marketing needs if you're looking to work with a high-touch, competent team!
Dee Gautham, Boss Body Revolution
San Francisco, California
After hiring Social Gravity...my time is freed up, my brand authority is growing, my followers are growing, engagement on my posts have increased, and the added bonus that is PRICELESS - the consulting calls with Vic and strategy around brand amplification that turns into SALES!! Just within weeks of hiring Social Gravity - my company has received the attention of a multi-million dollar software company I've been trying to get a meeting with for the last year... you'd be CRAZY not to hire Vic and his team! Thank you Social Gravity!
Maria Gudelis, Business Consultant
Toronto, Ontario
Fantastic work, we've worked with them in a variety of different aspects from general business promotion, ad creation, and specific promotion for events we've done. Always a treat to work with, Vic and the team crush it every time with consistent high quality work. Definitely recommend it for business owners looking to make the most of their marketing budget and if you're looking to free up some time to let the professionals handle it!
Travis Kelly, District Beta
Sarnia, ON
Social Gravity has been a godsend for our growing business!! We found ourselves swamped with the challenges of growing Top Shelf Canada with so much to accomplish and not enough help. At a time when our social platform presence was getting neglected with all of our other challenges, Social Gravity really saved the day... The team is always flexible, helpful, and has made magic happen on tight timelines with little notice when needed... Can't say enough about the attention this team gives our product and we truly trust our brand in Social Gravity's more than capable hands.
Josh Lines, Top Shelf Canada - Owner
Sarnia, ON
Can't say enough about the Social Gravity team. They came on board to flesh out my company's Instagram strategy. Before I began with Social Gravity, I could not find an efficient way to post content while running the day-to-day of my business at the same time. Vic and his team took the time to learn what my team does, asked the right questions up front so I felt like they fully understood what we're trying to accomplish, and then went to work. With a couple of weeks, they curated all custom content for Instagram and scheduled out posts for the next few months. Today I have prospects and clients complimenting me on the visibility my Instagram account is now holding. The entire experience was efficient, professional, and well worth it. A huge thank you to Vic and the entire Social Gravity team!
Tony Alvarez, Post Oak
Los Angeles, California
Victor and his team have been amazing ! They are intuitive to our needs and reflect their creativity in the postings they do for us. We are so thankful to work with such a professional team and highly recommend the services they provide. We have worked with them over a year now and look forward to 2020.
Lynn Paquette, Noelle's Gift - Chairman
Sarnia, ON

Social Gravity is a leading Digital Marketing Agency located in Sarnia, Ontario. Our mission is to help business owners create freedom in their business and in their life. Social Gravity specializes in Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Digital Advertising and Brand Strategy Services. Founded in 2018.

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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I am an experienced marketer. The average person who buys any "how to" information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT WATCH THIS FREE TRAINING.

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We dive immediately into your audience, website improvement tips and your marketing objectives highlighted in a formal strategic marketing report.


If you're running Ads, we will analyze your data, optimize and keep testing new methods. If these are your first campaigns we will develop Ad sets, test variables and use Pixel data to optimize your audiences.


Our creative design team will work hands on to identify your winning products and develop Ad creatives. We produce media with graphic design and video editing.


Our reporting methods will measure the efforts of your Ad campaigns. You will be able to receive a Facebook Ads Report from our team and also have access to our Ads team in order to check in on our strategies.